Copper Die-casting Technology


Mold Life Porosity Operation Condition
  • Damage to die due to continuous exposure to thermal stress
    – Thermal stress due to temperature difference in die and molten metal
    – Melt temperature : 1,350°C, Die temperature : 2~300°C
    – Temperature differ
    – ence of approx. 1,000°C
  • Shorter die life span compared to dies for aluminum diecasting
  • Absence of copper die-cas-ting designs
  • Unstable die filling due to high temperature of molten metal
    – Increase in shrinkage defects and porosity
  • Difficulty in operability due to high working temperature
  • Absence of standards in copper die-casting process standards
  • Difficulty in building specialized equipment for copper die-casting
Die Life Extension Porosity Reduction Process Optimization
  • Development of surface treatment technology for die life extension
  • Research and selection of die material
  • Structural design of dies and computer simulation
  • Preliminary research through computer simulations
  • Optimized copper die-casting designs
  • Optimization of copper diecasting variables
  • Preliminary research of copper die-casting processes
  • Standardization of copper die-casting processes

Computer Simulation